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How to Become a Vendor

Please read through these steps thoroughly.


Step 1:

Click the button below to fill out a vendor application.

Step 2:

Save our email address in your contact list. Wait for a response from us. We review applications once a week and will respond via email every Tuesday or Wednesday. If you can't find an email, look in your junk/spam folder. If it isn't there- contact us via Facebook or Instagram for assistance.

Step 3:

If your application is accepted, we need to know which days you plan on participating and if you need electricity. Please keep in mind that electricity is limited and only for vendors who need it to run their stand. Click the button below to fill out a quick questionnaire.

Step 4:

You're all set! You will pay for your spot(s) the day you arrive. Set up time is between 6AM - 9AM. If you're participating on Friday- you may arrive early on Thursday at 5pm to set up.

Find us immediately in the silver trailer in the far North West corner of the venue. There, we will collect your payment before you are assigned a spot. Cheers!

We're sure you have more questions, we would too! Before contacting us- click the button below to visit our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page.

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