How do I become a vendor?

We aren't allowing anymore reservations at this time. The remaining spots are slightly limited and are first come, first serve. Come in anytime after 6AM to attempt to secure a spot that doesn't have a cone. We will come to you to collect payment.

How much is it to become a vendor?

For regular vendors, it's $40 a day per spot. For food vendors, it's $60 a day per spot.

Are there tables and canopies to rent?

We do have limited tables for rent, they are first come first serve. We don't have canopies for rent as they are easily damaged, we're sorry!

How much is it for customers?

It's $1 per customer.

Where are you located?

Tulalip, Washington, it's about a 45 minute drive North of Seattle. We are nearby Everett, Marysville, Smokey Point, and Arlington. Our address doesn't always work on Google or Apple maps but if you take Exit 199 on I-5, you will see signs pointing you to the right direction. 

6410 33rd Ave NE, Tulalip WA 98271

When are you open?

We're a seasonal based flea market, typically open from late April to mid September (depending on the weather). We are open from 7am-4pm every Saturday and Sunday rain or shine! Head over to the "Newsletter" page to see our season 2022 dates!

Do all your vendors accept the same methods of payment?

All vendors are different, bring all methods of payment to get the most out of your experience and to be on the safe side!

How big are your spaces?

Our spaces are 18'x20'.